Welcome back to the city beneath the black sun. Found in a dark world, surrounded by an endless desert filled with countless threats, a man has forged a kingdom out of madness, and will do anything to keep it standing. But madness has a way of taking back its own, especially in a strange and hostile land where terror and wonder wait behind every corner.

Season 2 gets under way with our first long look at the man McRae, who sits atop a not-quite ivory tower overlooking the lost city beneath the black sun. McRae has achieved everything he has ever wanted in life: Power, acclaim, and, now, his long-lost daughter Cassandra (albeit not of her own volition).

But even though his victory is newly won, it is already fragile. The city’s position in this strange world has never felt more tenuous, and even a man of seemingly limitless power and resources might need some help.

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