Greetings, fellow cinepunx! Simply as a point of reference, it bears mentioning that we have been at this for three years. In those three short years, we’ve had many wonderful experiences. We interviewed Dan Gross. We curated a successful event for the Cinedelphia Film Festival. We made t-shirts. We saw many films, both good and not so good. We saw many bands, also both good and not so good. We tweeted, we skyped, we drank coffee, we gave up in exasperation and we triumphed in the face of certain doom. We did all of these things and managed to still have a great time because of and despite of all of it. We never imagined that we’d even still be around three years later; we just wanted to talk about movies and music. To discuss mise en scene and moshing mean. I just wanted to hang out with my main man Liam and shoot the shit about the stuff that we care about.

Lo and behold, dear reader. Three years in and we find ourselves at the precipice of yet another epoch.

This is the first time that I, Josh Alvarez, am writing anything for the podcast/website that I not only co-founded, but also adore. In the spirit of total transparency, the only reason that I took so long to put pen to paper is that we’ve been fortunate enough to have a battery of capable and well written contributors who have kept us, valiantly and patiently, flush with interesting and compelling articles. If you haven’t yet, take a little stroll through our archives. There you’ll find insightful and well thought out musings of the coolest people we know. Honestly, Liam is the smarter one of the two of us, with smarter insights and a better way with words than I could ever hope to achieve, so I just let him do his thing while I hang out in the background. That and I’m pretty lazy.


Whatever the reason may be, it is now officially no longer applicable and, like the butterfly freshly emerged from its chrysalis of inactivity, I am now ready to start writing for Cinepunx. What better place to begin than the month of October? Longtime listeners of the show know that we here at Cinepunx HQ adore the month of ghosts and goblins. Not only is it the month of Hallowe’en, the holiday that horror movies come from, but it’s also Filipino History Month. It’s true. I would google it, but I don’t need to because I know it because I’m a good Pinoy. I believe that my Pacific Islander Forefathers give their blessing in this endeavor.

You may ask “Josh, what are you planning on writing about?”

Here’s my plan: to write an entry every day for the month of October essaying a specific movie rooted in horror elements that resonates with me. Each day for the month of October, I will tell the tale of horror and fright as it exists between my experience and the chosen movie. I thought of it when I was going through my personal instagram feed (@joeyangel if you haven’t followed me yet) and I came upon a period of time when I wore a different horror themed t shirt every day for the month of October (it was archived under the hashtag #31daysofhorrorshirts). Why do I have so many damn horror shirts? The better question would be why do i have so many damn t shirts? Not important. Truth is, I have so many dumb stories relating to me being freaked out by a horrific horror viewing experience that it may provide an interesting insight into the culturing of the man behind the voice. Me. It’s been said that I don’t talk enough about myself on the show. By the end of the month, you, dear reader, will be absolutely sick of me talking about myself. You’re going to say “damn, there goes Josh talking about his dumb self again!”. I will smile and laugh maniacally as I fade, ever so slowly, back into the wings of obscurity from whence I came.


Thus, we begin. Take heart, dear reader (just make sure it’s your own) as we embark on a journey to the heart of my obsession of all things horror movie. Join me as we enter my new column for the month of October. Join me as we explore the VIDEORUS MALEFACTUM OMNIA.

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