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The Carnage Report Episode 55: Trinil

On this episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick look at the disembodied flying head of Trinil from director Hanung Bramantyo, now on Netflix. Plus, the pair recommend you go watch some other Indonesian horror, mourn the passing of Roger Corman, dig into some casting news, and discuss trailers galore for A Quiet Place: Day One, The Hangman, In A Violent Nature, and more. Plus, Julie and Nick discuss how they met their spouses.

Cinema Smorgasbord – George Kennedy is My Copilot – Demonwarp (1988) (/w Anders Landby)

On this very special episode of GEORGE KENNEDY IS MY COPILOT we’re joined by the Swedish writer and George Kennedy-enthusiast Anders Landby to discuss his work covering the career of George Kennedy, his Instagram page devoted to George Kennedy, our favorite Bigfoot movies, and the proper way to pronounce “Smorgasbord”! Luckily he also joins us to discuss a rare 1980s PSA featuring George Kennedy as well as the totally bizarre sasquatch/alien/zombie sci-fi/horror film DEMONWARP from 1984. It’s a whole lot of fun, so stop what you’re doing and LISTEN!