What is Cinepunx? Simple: Cinepunx is a community of writers, thinkers, artists, and weirdos all lending their talents to create a unique voice in the cultural conversation.

Cinepunx is seeing a movie and thinking about it on your own terms. To listen and watch without pretense or prejudice. To mosh like nobody is watching. To watch like nobody cares. To let the things we love bring us together, create a community, and to disagree about those things with passion and patience. To ignore the barriers that separate “high” and “low”, to search for life and hope across artistic expression.

What does it take to be a part of Cinepunx? Participation. Passion. Simply to contact us, at [email protected] and tell us what you have to share.  A willingness to show up, to say what you feel, to write a love letter to art that moves, to rail against the injustice and the bullshit that surrounds you. We are looking for writers to introduce our readers to new ideas, to under appreciated worlds, to sub-genres off of sub-genres. We want folks willing to explore new realms of cinema, to plumb the depths of obscure and dangerous music, to ask insightful questions about art and culture, and to invite new communities to form around unexpected cultural products. Cinema, music, art, food, design, politics, theory: We want to highlight outside voices, and to connect unexpected realms of thought and expression. For us, Cinepunx is about ignoring perceived distinctions whenever those distinctions ignore the work we love. Join us.