Greetings and salutations! It’s been a minute since I last had the pleasure of presenting a new episode of The Mandate, but I’m back with a web-slinging good time. That’s right, I had the pleasure of taking in a screening of Peter Parker’s grand arrival to the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, I know that he technically made his return in Captain America: Civil War but this is the first full length feature for the character with the creative control of Marvel. For this episode, I got with Nick Thiffault, the owner/operator/comic slinger for the online comic book store Trap Door Comics. Our expectations were high going in due to Marvel pumping out nothing but gold recently along with Tom Holland’s performance being stellar in his limited role in the Capt movie. While the episode is full of spoilers, I will not spoil the episode. Listen, like, share, repeat.

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