Welcome back, Mandaters! After taking a minute to let the world calm down from Avengers: Endgame dominating the cinema universe, I am back with the 41st episode of The Mandate; or should I say The Ironmandate, as I have the distinct pleasure of sharing the mic with a fellow Vegan Ironman, Lia Belardo. It’s also the first episode where I try a new format to the podcast.

In the intro, I explain how I met Lia; a mutual friend put us in contact as we’re two of the few people you’ll probably ever meet who participate in the crazy sport known as triathlons. I start off with getting Lia to briefly explain why she chose triathlons, why veganism, and how one benefits the other. From there, it’s off to the races…

For this episode, Lia actually chose me instead of me seeking out a guest, for the Olivia Wilde directed Booksmart. Based on the trailer, both of us immediately went to Superbad as a comparison but from a female perspective. We covered what we hoped the film would cover, looking for a little more than just lowbrow humor. As the trend continues, neither us did much research into the film other than the trailer we each only saw once. And once was enough to get us on board with the film.

Instead of taking a break, we just go right into the review of the film. We discuss what we thought worked and didn’t, how it was a lot smarter and more progressive than we anticipated. We cover how it compares to other high school party flicks like American Pie, Superbad, and even Animal House. We also sprinkle in a few comparisons to our own lives to how some of the film displayed diversity and our own awkward firsts.

Thanks for checking out this episode of The Mandate and be on the lookout for another one next week. For those that are here because of Lia, make sure to check out everything else this website has to offer such as Horror Business, Black Sun Dispatches, and Cinepunx. We have some solid coverage of the widest variety of films by some of your peers within the punk and hardcore community. And if you’re here because of myself or the rest of the website, make sure you check out some of the stuff that Lia and I discussed in the early part of the episode. Below are some links:

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Or join Lia’s minions on the gram, here, as she posts many more vegan and racing related products and tips. Be warned, you’ll probably be inspired to swim, bike, and run after a short amount of time.

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