Greetings and salutations, Mandaters! ‘Tis I, your emotional and sometimes borderline idiot host, John Wren, and I’m back with another fun filled episode of The Mandate. In a rare instance, my guest from the last episode is back and he’s no stranger to the podcast. Mr. Brian “My Marvel Guy” Carola has returned to finish out what we started with this MCU journey, in the much anticipated Avengers: Endgame.

For those who haven’t been playing along, Brian and I have been seeing the MCU movies almost since the beginning. We’ve only missed four films together (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Captain Marvel). Either via our channels through this site or because we won giveaways from the Preston & Steve Show, we also have been very fortunate to see a lot of these films before they were released to the general public. It has become a fun tradition that guarantees us at least one to three hangouts a year in our otherwise busy lives. So, it was an absolute no-brainer that I was bringing Brian back to finish the run. Will we continue now that this story arc has come to its conclusion? I’m not sure. I hope so, but I think the sense of urgency may be gone now.

Aside from discussing our journey to get to this point, we briefly recap the events in Avengers: Infinity War and where we are left at the start of this film. Through our journey to get here, we discuss where our expectations lie and our predictions as to whether this movie can top the lasting effect that Infinity War had on us. We both make some bold predictions as to the fate of the characters (and we’re aware of some actors’ contractual obligations). In a world where everything is online, this was actually a sad fact to know because it forces logic into play in a completely fictional world. I also make the claim that no matter how this movie ends up playing out, we’re never going to experience an event like this in our lifetime and even if Disney/Marvel Studios do another build over the course of 20 films, it’s not going to be as special.

In the second half review segment of the podcast, I must admit that it’s more of a reaction than an actual review. We discuss some elements of the film but never really dive into specifics. Both Brian and I agreed that this is an event best left to be experienced how we experienced it: spoiler free. We vaguely discuss how certain moments of the film affected us differently due to aspects of our personal lives, and that we both audibly cheered at times even though we are not movie cheerers, and we finalize how we think the Russo’s did with wrapping up this phase of the MCU.

It’s been a genuinely fun ride to get to this cinematic experience. I’m fulfilled yet also excited to see where this universe goes.

As always, thanks for listening. Be sure to check out all the other podcasts on this website. If you are into comics then definitely drop in on The Flight Stuff and Tomb of Ideas and share with your friends. ‘Til next time, I’ll see you when I see you. Go see a movie!

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