Greetings, boils and ghouls! Welcome to the Halloween episode of The Mandate, a special double feature for your listening displeasure. While these will be the only horror movies I cover in October, I hit you with two doozies.

After an off-the-record professional request from one of the bosses, Mr. Joshua Alvarez, to branch out from seeing “white people horror and nerd shit,” our first half of the episode is exactly that and I have none other than Josh as a guest! Oh, and Liam is there, too. We were fortunate enough to check out the newest official sequel to the slasher classic Halloween. In a bit of continuity mess, this new film ignores every sequel that came before, including the original Halloween 2. So for those following along, after Loomis shoots Myers out the window, the story does not continue to the hospital with Laurie. Jump ahead 40 years later, and here we are. Laurie has been dealing with PTSD from that fateful night and has been planning and training for the inevitable return of Michael Myers so she can finish what Loomis didn’t.

Unfortunately for this portion of the episode, I was late due to horrible traffic so there is no pre-screening anticipation and I wasn’t going to do the podcast in the bathroom like Liam had so inappropriately suggested. So, we jump right in immediately after our screening. Because it was that type of night, the episode is a bit rushed as the recorder was running out of juice but we did get enough of a recap and how we felt as a stand alone and compared to the other films in the series. There are a few small tangents about Rob Zombie, since his Halloween films were polarizing, but we covered what worked, what didn’t, and agree that you should absolutely see this film in the theaters.

Righting the ship for the second half of this two-parter, I finally was able to get local horror enthusiast and occasional Monstermania Volunteer Staff member, Jeff Thibault, on the show. Jeff was supposed to have been a guest dating back to December but due to a series of unfortunate events, nothing lined up until now. We sat down to see the remake of the much beloved Dario Argento classic, Suspiria. Now, I might as well get this out of the way: I’m not a fan of the original. I think it’s a perfect example of “all style, no substance.” The technicolor is beautiful and Argento certainly knows how to shoot a film, I just don’t think he knows how to tell a story. I specifically wanted someone like Jeff, an actual fan of the original, to counterbalance my lukewarm feelings on it. Our expectations certainly differed and when the film was over, what we got from it differed. Hearing the views from a different vantage point is refreshing to me and I’m glad Jeff came along to paint a different picture of the experience. This also serves as the first film in The Mandate history that I recommend seeing a movie that I didn’t actually like. You know the rules, press play and find out why.

Next week, I trade in the scares for a nostalgia trip as you will be getting another double feature with the Jonah Hill directed skate flick Mid 90’s and the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody on the docket. Thanks again for listening. Continue to share The Mandate with your friends and if you would like to be a future guest on the podcast, hit myself up on twitter (WRENxxx) and lets work it out.

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  • Matt D Snyder
    On October 24, 2018 1:09 pm 0Likes

    I too hate remakes and am not a fan of the original film. But after listening to your podcast, think I’ll just rent it. If it sucks, easier to walk away from.

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