Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!” That’s right folks, I have followed through with my promise from last week and we’re back at The Mandate to cover the heatedly debated Venom, starring everyone’s English dreamboat, Tom Hardy, as the title character. For this episode, I specifically brought my friend and coworker, Dan Menna, with me because of his forgiveness of the film that clearly doesn’t follow the source material origins. Much of the anger by fans of the comics came from the fact that the trailer gave it away that Spider-man was not in the equation when it came to how Eddie Brock came in contact with the symbiote known as Venom, which was pretty critical to the story and motives of the character in the comics. Dan said he can disregard that as long as the movie is good and went in forgiving it before it began. I, on the other hand, was mad from the jump but was willing to give it an honest shot.

By the time our screening happened, the review embargo had already been lifted so the reviews were already trickling in. I think when we entered the theater the Rotten Tomatoes score was at 33% and we both knew that. Despite the bad reviews, both Dan and I wanted the film to succeed because we both loved the character from the comics. If they were going to bastardize our anti-hero, we had hoped they would do a respectful job of it and make the film fun. However, we both had some hesitations at the fact that the film is rated PG-13, when Venom is a very R rated character.

When the film was over our feelings on it were as all over the place as the film was. While we both agreed that the film was ultimately a mess, we did find some good in it, which was enough to make the film entertaining enough for the 98 minute duration. We discuss in detail the things we think missed the mark and how the PG-13 rating definitely effected the film for good and bad reasons. Our mandate — whether or not you should see this and how — is also a bit confusing but we gave it a shot to put a firm stamp on it. If you are ready to hear why Venom is a highly entertaining yet terrible movie, press play.

Thanks be to all that listen and continue to support not only The Mandate but all things Cinepunx. Continue to like, share, comment, etc. We all appreciate it. I’m not 100% sure what my film next week will be but stay tuned!


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