Good day, kind people. Thanks for coming to check out another episode of The Mandate. During the end of our last episode on The Nun, I made the statement that the next episode would be for the Shane Black directed The Predator. After the news surfaced that Shane Black had hired an actor friend of his that has a history of sexual assault on a minor and did not tell Olivia Munn, who was the only lead actor to be in a scene with him, about the actual predator being on the set, we made the decision here at The Mandate that we’d skip over giving the film any press. We did end up seeing the movie and to sum, it was not good. So it’s a mess all around.

With that said, I have returned with something that is something that is about as far from The Predator as possible with the Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish lead Night School. Joining me for this potential gut buster is Matt Vietri, who hosts his own local podcast Movies In The A.M, which you should check out if  you are interested in a little more of the technical side of film making to go along with movie reviews.

I’ve recently started taking the approach of not doing much research into a film before seeing it to give myself a better pure response. I used to want to know anything and everything about a movie, sans the ending, before going in and I found that gave me a certain level of expectation. Going in blind is giving me more of a raw reaction. It might not be the most professional approach to reviewing a film but for the purpose of this podcast, it works. Much like myself, Matt didn’t know much more than what the trailer gave away going into this film but I feel you got enough with it. This movie follows Kevin Hart going back to Night School after being a high school drop out, to help better his life after a series of mishaps. Tiffany Haddish plays his hard-nosed teacher who doesn’t let him take any short cuts. An ensemble of misfits including Rob Riggle, Taran Killam , Keith David, Romany Malco, and Fat Joe round out most of the rest of the cast.

Despite the star power and the general easy digestion of a film starring Kevin Hart, neither myself or my guest had any high expectations with this film. Both Matt and myself figured it would be a safe film that we’d ultimately laugh and have a good time with, but leave with the thought that we could have not seen it and been just as fine. I predicted that the PG-13 rating was going to hold the film back because Haddish and Hart together should be allowed to riff unfiltered with eachother and censoring the jokes would ultimately hurt the film in the long run.

When we left the film we felt that our expectations were pretty much met. The movie is full of laughs and a general good time. We discuss in detail that, while the movie was really funny at times, there were some bits that didn’t work for us and why these particular scenes fell flat. Matt and I are both the type of people that can go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday with no one else in the theater and be completely fine with it. However, we both agreed and discussed that, for certain movies, the experience is enhanced when you see it with a crowd. Night School is one of those films and it had an effect on how we mandated whether not you should see this film at all. Press play and listen to the breakdown.

Next week, barring any last minute scandals, The Mandate will be covering the hotly debated Venom film featuring everyone’s dream man, Tom Hardy. As always, thanks for listening. Continue to follow all things Cinepunx and don’t forget to share with your friends….because sharing is caring.

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