As much as I love horror and the macabre and typically participate throughout the entire year, I’m a pretty firm believer of keeping real Halloween celebrations during the month of October, so as to not burn myself out and ruin the holiday for myself. However, with summer being considered over at the conclusion of Labor Day weekend, the spooky season has officially arrived for a lot of people. So, it’s fitting that we start off with a horror review: the much hyped The Conjuring 2 spinoff, The Nun. For those keeping score, this is the 2nd spinoff from the series after the, so far, two installments of the ill-reviewed Annabelle films, based on a character/object that made it into the first The Conjuring film briefly. Rumor has it that we’ll get one more spinoff in The Conjuring 2’s The Crooked Man. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For this outing, I’ve brought a special guest in a long time friend, old school horror enthusiast, and local author, Cory Clement, to check out the latest installment into The Conjuring universe. Both of us agreed that while we had a lot of fun with The Conjuring 2 when we saw it, it was the nun/Valak character that stood out the most. It was such a captivating side character that it seemed that was really all anyone remember from the movie. So we both could see how this character earned its own film. As we left the pre-screening portion, Cory said he expected something fun, but ultimately nothing to write home about, though he hoped he was wrong and would be delivered something worthwhile as he has a thing for Nunspolitation films. I, on the other hand, expected crap based on how poor the Annabelle films are.

Upon the film’s conclusion, we both had almost the same feelings in regards to the weak acting, the poor script, and the terrible ending and we both seemed to hit on similar things that we liked about the film. Despite how different Cory and I dive into the horror genre, it was nice to find a lot of common ground in the immediate reactions of a movie we just saw. Obviously I’m not going to spoil the episode, so you’ll have press play to hear the review.

Lastly, in the pre-screening portion I had Cory plug his first foray into writing with the deeply personal Farewell Keystone. If you dig a road trip journey with addiction and pro-wrestling sprinkled in, I would highly recommend this. Cory is also the type of author to appreciate all criticism, so if you do give Farewell Keystone a shot, please remember to leave a review on the page. You can purchase here. And keep an eye out for the graphic novel that he is working on.


Once again, I appreciate you, the fans, that take the time to listen to this bite-sized banter between me and my guests. Thanks a million. Please continue to like, comment, share, and follow the entire Cinepunx collective. I’ll catch you next week when we get hunted by The Predator.

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