Alright Mandaters, I’m back from my mini hiatus that involved me doing an Ironman, which is something I suggest only for other crazy people. But now that I’m done with that, I’m ready to tackle some films for you so that you can either get hyped or avoid them. Unfortunately, we’ll be going with the latter on this episode (which I’m way late on posting) as The Mandate went into the deep blue sea to take on the Jason Statham led The Meg. To get right to it, it’s not good. Joining me on this excursion is previous The Mandate guest (see: The Dark Tower) and guitarist for Baltimore-based hardcore band Iron Price, Mr. Matt Bennett. Along with him, we have first time guest and Matt’s lovely wife, Heather. Heather is a self-admitted “shitty shark movie connoisseur” so I knew I had to get her on the podcast for this one. Heather is proud supporter and practitioner of the Keto Diet and has recently turned vegan as well. So, a bit off-theme from the whole film/music aspect of Cinepunx: Heather has started an instagram blog @ThatVeganKetoLife, which I suggest all you keto and vegan peeps follow for great recipes and guidance into that combination of those two worlds.

Now onto the movie. Surprisingly, none of us knew much about the actual plot of the film other than it was Jason Statham vs. a giant shark. To be fair, that’s about all you really need to know. Heather did a little bit of research into the development of this film and I was surprised to hear it’s been in the works for almost 20 years and, at one point, Eli Roth was attached to it but essentially dropped out after being rejected to star in the film he wanted to direct. Matt, Heather, and myself all agreed that the film looked dumb but that it would at least be dumb fun. I went as far as to set the bar at Deep Blue Sea and hoped that we’d get something equally entertaining and laughable as that film.

When the movie was over, we tried our best to find the good in it, but it was rather hard to do. Heather and Matt were a little softer on the film than I was, but we all did agree that this was a little rough to get through and did not even hit the bar of Deep Blue Sea. We do our best to dissect the film and at least present some of the highlights. There weren’t many, but we made sure to discuss them before telling you to just skip this Megalodon-sized mess.

Well that’s about it for us this week. It’s going to be about two weeks until I’m back with another episode, but keep an eye out for a future Horror Business episode featuring yours truly when Justin and Liam dare to let me discuss the Evil Dead series. Until then: like, follow, share, repeat.

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