What’s up, Cinepunkers?! Hope your 4th of July celebrations were full of good food and conversation, and that no one blew their hands off with any fireworks. While you’re recovering from your festivities, I’ve returned with another double episode for your listening pleasure, and coincidentally, it has a theme of films that are out of order in their respective timelines.

First up, I have Ant-Man & The Wasp, the first film since the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, yet takes place before those events and sometime after Captain America: Civil War. Then we revisit The Purge series with the prequel to the whole thing, The First Purge.

By now you should know the deal when it comes to the Marvel films as once again, I have brought my constant viewing companion through the whole series, Mr. Brian Carola, to tackle the first film since we had our souls crushed by a snap of Thanos’ finger. Since we both knew ahead of time that Ant-Man & The Wasp took place before Infinity War, we were able to go in knowing that this would be more of a stand-alone film than anything that would have implications on the bigger MCU idea. Marvel has always maintained that, first and foremost, they want to make films that could stand on their own. This film serves as a true test to that sentiment knowing that it wasn’t going to have big implications on the overall Infinity arc, especially with it being a much lesser known character. The first film was good, but was it a fluke?

In a quick turnaround, Joe Benzon (see Deadpool 2) comes back to The Mandate to take on The First Purge. Taking place sometime before the events of the original The Purge, we get treated to how it all began. Originally starting as “The Experiment,” the very first purge was limited to just Staten Island. Same rules apply. The one thing these films have going for them is that they have a very interesting concept and present obvious social commentary, but they always seem to fall short of the potential. Would the creators be able to fix their glaring problems by going back to the beginning or would this just be more of the same? (Note: Joe mistakes lead Y’Lan Noel for John David Washington and I like an idiot go with it. So our apologies to Mr. Noel for not giving him the credit.) In our post screening, we were shown the trailer for the upcoming USA Network series for The Purge. So regardless if this film is good or not, everyone is getting more purging in their future.


That about does it for us this week. Don’t forget to comment, like, and share with your friends. And while you wait for another episode of The Mandate, take a gander at some of our other podcasts in Cinepunx, Black Sun Dispatches, and Horror Business. Until next time, ciao!

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