Good day, homosapiens. Tis I, John Wren, with another episode of The Mandate. We get a little prehistoric this week as I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Jordan Clarius (Nation Of Wolves) and his lovely wife, Sarah, as we took a trip back to Isla Nublar in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Much like Len, who claimed Hereditary months out, Sarah actually made the request to see this movie. I was informed that she was a super fan of the Jurassic Park series and was not let down when she stepped out of the car at the theater rocking a Jurassic Park t-shirt for the screening. We all discussed our gravitation towards the original Jurassic Park. Since we’re all similar ages, we recalled that being children at the time that the original came out, there was nothing like it and we weren’t truly prepared to see dinosaurs in that light on the big screen. We discussed the iconic scenes, specifically the first encounter with the T-Rex and Sarah’s, let’s be real all of our, attraction to the being that is Jeff Goldblum. Sarah, confirmed by Jordan, went onto explain how even though the 2nd two films (The Lost World and Jurassic Park III) are pretty bad films, they are similar to the bad Jaws films and are entertaining enough because there are dinosaurs, that you can just put them on as background fodder anytime they are on. As always, we covered our expectations of what we expected based on the trailer and the previous Jurassic World film. While the last film was a lot of fun, because of the previously mentioned bad sequels, all three of us had our reservations going in.


After the film we pretty much all gushed over the film as we set the tone right from the jump that it’s a lot of fun. As with most reviews, we went over our likes and dislikes, although we didn’t have that much of the latter. We discussed, how in an unbelievable world that the Jurassic Park series is, that this was actually a relatively realistic way of presenting its idea and that it kind of effectively erases The Lost World and Jurassic Park III from the timeline completely. We all ranked it very high in the series, with Sarah going as far as putting it above its immediate predecessor. Lastly, we briefly covered some of our hopes/expectations for a 3rd film of this reboot series, if/when they decide to do one. So click play and listen to a Superfan and a regular fan talk about dinosaurs…oh and Jordan play 3rd wheel. LOL.



Thanks again for listening, next episode I return with the first post-Infinity War film in Antman & The Wasp. So stay tuned and don’t forget to share this episode with your friends.

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