Episode 25! A milestone. I’m going to catch that bastard Justin Lore in no time. For this special occasion, I’ve gotten with my friend of 18 years, co-birthday dude, and my former guitarist in Bottomfeeder, Mr. Len “No Fun” Carmichael. Since our dumb band is no more, you’d more than likely know Len for his axe skills in New Jersey’s mosh producers, Dissent, his engineering skills at his Landmine Studios in Ewing, NJ, or for being the audio portion of Hate5Six.com’s This Is Hardcore live videos.

This week we go the pleasure of checking out A24’s new thrill ride into crazyville with the Toni Collette (Sixth Sense, United States Of Tara) lead, Hereditary. The only thing we really knew about this film going in was the original trailer that popped up on Facebook months ago. It was such a riveting compilation of bizarre intensity that Len, who never really is up for these types of things, demanded that he be the guest for this film. I have seen quite a few films since that trailer made it’s way to the internet, but nope, he wanted this one specifically. As always, before the film we discussed our expectations and we both seemed to agree that we expected it to be rather great but also at the same time, didn’t really know what the hell we were walking into, if that makes any sense. We discussed how we refrained from investigating any further into what the plot of the film was as to be completely surprised as it unraveled before our eyes.

In our review of the film, Len insisted we remain as spoiler free as possible so there aren’t any. Which, to be fair, I’d rather save the surprises for you anyway. It’s a slow plodding descent into crazy and the ending is so wild that you need to know nothing going in, as far as that goes. Instead we’re focused more on how the film made us feel and how the film was made. I get to use a new word, filmatography, I heard from another attendee. So take a listen and get more hyped on this new psychological mindfuck that is Hereditary. And don’t forget to share with your friends.


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