Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to Episode 23 of The Mandate! This one is exciting, as I’ve finally been able to coordinate a date with the international man of mystery, Mr. Joe Benzon. Joe, for those fortunate enough to be blessed to know him, is one of the all around best guys on the planet. I’ve literally been working on getting him on the show since its inception. So it’s awesome to finally have him on board and with quite a doozy of a film as well: the much anticipated sequel to the 2016 Ryan Reynolds-led raunchy comic flick, Deadpool. We get its follow-up with an obviously much bigger budget in Deadpool 2.



For those unaware, Reynolds had been attached to a Deadpool standalone film since after the 2009 abomination, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, came out. Since everyone essentially hated that version of the character because his mouth — his greatest attribute — was sewn shut, effectively killing the idea of “the Merc with the mouth,” the standalone film had always been planned to ignore that version. It was stuck in developmental hell for 4 years until, thankfully, someone leaked the test footage that Fox initially passed on and the internet exploded. Unable to ignore the fan reaction to the short clip, the Deadpool film was finally a go. Fast forward: to say the first film exceeded expectations would be a great understatement. So naturally, in the age of sequels, we are delivered one with a very high bar set by its predecessor.



In the pre-screening portion, Joe explains that he actually was relatively unaware of the character from the comics and that his only true experience with Wade Wilson/Deadpool is via the first movie. That comes with its pros and cons as he has nothing to compare to, where as a comic fan like myself, I can become very jaded very quickly if you mess up my guys. Joe said that, despite being unfamiliar with the character and his origins, he loved the film enough that he wasn’t about to turn down getting a chance to check out its sequel. While discussing our expectations of the film, I brought up the fact that the original test screening was being reported that viewers thought collectively that it was a “mess,” and we both agreed that it seemed very unlikely that was the case just from the trailers alone. The first one had a high bar and we agreed that even though the film might be great, it might not be as great because of our heightened expectations. You know the rules though, to find out exactly what we felt you have to press play and listen for yourself. BE WARNED: While we are light on the spoilers, there are a few in there in the second half of the episode. So listener description is advised.



Thanks again for checking in on The Mandate. Next week we’re coming to you from a galaxy far, far away with our review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Be sure to follow, like, and share this episode with your friends, because sharing is caring.

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