Good day, ladies and gents. By the time we post this, the media monster Disney and its Marvel Cinematic Universe will have made $600+ million worldwide with its 19th installment, what it’s been building towards since the first release in Iron Man: Avengers: Infinity War. Unlike Cinepunx, most of the world didn’t get to see this before it was released or again during the first showing of the night it was released, so we waited for you folks until Monday to give you an opportunity to see it before listening to our review of the film. While we warn you a couple hundred times in the first half of the episode, we are actually pretty light on spoilers in the 2nd half. However, if you have not seen this film yet, maybe you should steer clear for the time being as this movie is such an experience, it should remain completely unspoiled for you as long as possible.

Now with that said, my “Marvel Guy,” Brian Carola returned with me to tackle this titanic sized film. If you’ve been keeping score, I think Brian and I have seen all but 3 or 4 of these films together in the theater. Most of them thanks to Preston & Steve contests for tickets. On top of that, we both are huge fans of the Infinity Gauntlet storyarc of the comics. Brian shared a semi-personal story as to why he has his connection, where mine is just a little more simple as I was just introduced by an uncle with some comics. However, Thanos is above and beyond my favorite villain of all time, mostly because of what he does in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. A deed in which I will keep a secret because of spoilers.

Now prior to going into the film, we discussed our very high expectations. The stinger after Captain America: Civil War showed Thanos grab the gauntlet and say “I guess I’ll just do it myself” and Infinity Stones have been introduced in other films, so we know that they are doing the Infinity Gauntlet to a degree, but how much would translate into the movie? How much would they borrow from other stories (i.e. Thanos Quest, Infinity War, Infinity Watch)? How much would be brand new material completely? Click play and see what we thought!


But wait, there’s more! On the 2nd half of this episode you get blessed with a bonus, and completely unrelated, segment. The week before I mandated the Infinity War, I was joined by Brian Kelly, barber extordinaire at Make Your Mark Barbershop in Manayunk, and his soon to be wife, Stephanie. For our date, we checked out the long awaited Super Troopers 2. Before the film, we discussed our attachments and what we liked about the first movie, which we were shocked to come to the realization that it came out 17 years ago! Everyone generally agreed that this was probably not going to be as good as the first film, but we had the hopes that it would be able to rekindle enough of the charm of the original to be more than enjoyable. Despite the critics generally hating it, we seemed to be easily pleased. Keep listening after the Avengers segment and see what we enjoyed about it.