Hello friends. I’m back with a colossal episode of The Mandate and no, it’s not because we saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s take on the 1980’s arcade classic, Rampage. It’s because I’ve finally been graced with the presence of Mr. Horror Business himself, Justin Lore!! It’s pretty much the first true celebrity I’ve had on this podcast. As I stated, we sat down for a screening of the film adaptation of Rampage and we, surprisingly, had some level of expectations for a film of this nature. For those of you that don’t remember or are too young to even know, Rampage was a video game of simple concept. You took on the role of a giant Ape (George), Wolf (Ralph), or a Lizard (Lizzie) and just smashed the hell out of random cities. The goal was to cause as much damage before the army killed you. And by kill you, you shrunk down to reveal that you were actually a mutated human. I’m not quite sure I ever beat the game but I think even the ending was lame and just congratulated you for smashing the world. How movie could be made of a game with a little more than no plot is beyond me, but they figured something out.



Prior to the film, Justin and I had almost no knowledge of what caused the growth of the animals nor if there was going to be anything more than just preventing them from smashing a city to pieces. I won’t reveal the entire plot but it involves an evil corporation that is involved with weaponized genetic mutations, a Boris & Natasha like duo of villains, and a few nods (and an Easter egg) to the original game. Our expectations, which was that it was going to be pure dumb fun, was actually exceeded as this film was pretty much batshit crazy after the initial set up. It was like if as they were making the film they just kept going “You know what would be cool….” and just threw everything in there. There were very little rules for this film with the exception of the bond between two characters which kept one foot on the ground and Justin and I both picked up on how, without that, the film would have just been too crazy to be enjoyable. I also made a bold prediction in the first half, which Justin responded that he would stand up and tear his shirt in half like Hulk Hogan, that you’ll have to listen to the whole episode to see how that played out.



If you hate movies that you are meant to just turn your brain off and go for the ride, then don’t even both watching this movie or listening to the podcast. It was clear from the trailer that this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, so if you did/do, then you are the fool. If you want to hear a fun episode about a fun movie, then click the link and enjoy our run down of Rampage.



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