Good day, citizens of the world. You have stumbled upon, by choice or by chance, a new episode of Cinepunx’s The Mandate. This time around we are seeing John “Jim Halpert” Krasinski’s monster flick, A Quiet Place. The initial buzz around this film was at an all-time high. As I’ve stated before, I don’t necessarily take too much stock in Rotten Tomatoes score before seeing a film. It’s more of an gauge of where the film might fall with me. Heck, I’ve seen some bad films per RT but I ended up loving them (see: Pacific Rim 2). However, a 100% going into opening weekend with some big name publications giving it full backing, it was hard to ignore. For this film, I had the utmost pleasure of being accompanied by Josh Alvarez’s (Cinepunx) much better half, Meilani, join me for this film. Neither of us knew much about the film other than if you make noises, these monsters are going to find and kill you. Oh and Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s real life wife) was also starring in the film. In the age of the internet, where we know almost everything about a film before it’s released, I’m happy that the trailers didn’t give much of the plot away, so we were able to be surprised throughout. Even with the little amount of knowledge we had about the film, both Meilani and I, went in with pretty high expectations, especially for a mainstream horror film.


I’ll only spoil a bit of the podcast and say this movie is really, really good and worthy of the praise that it’s getting after it’s opening weekend. Click play on that thing and listen to me and Meilani breakdown what we liked, what we loved, and maybe what we would have done a bit differently, if there was anything, in our immediate post-screening thoughts. The make sure to follow Cinepunx on all the social media platforms to keep updated for more The Mandate episodes, amongst the other podcasts. And be sure to share and leave us a comment, we love those.



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