That’s right folks, 2 movies in 1 episode and they could not be further related then the ones we have lined up for you! For the Cinematic Battle Of The Century, in the blue corner we have Wes Anderson’s newest claymation, Isle Of Dogs. Across the ring in the red corner, we have the Steven “The Cinematic Game Changer” Spielberg and his adaptation of Ernest Cline’s, Ready Player One.

For the first half of this episode, I sat down with Jordan Berk, guitarist of the laundry list of Philly hardcore and metal bands the likes of Rock Bottom, Sunburster, Ten Ton Hammer, The Divining, and Snake Road. Unfortunately, all those bands are dead or basically dead but he lets is in on the secret that he has a new metal project coming entitled, World Below. We both head into the screening for Dogs from different angles. Jordan considers himself a fan of Wes Anderson and thinks that he’s only gotten better as time has gone on. I, on the otherhand, am a notorious Wes Anderson hater and only really like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I even catch a lot of grief when I flat out say that Rushmore is not a good movie. However, even with our differences we both go in with similar expectations and fully admit that it could be simply because we are dog people. Obviously, I’m not spoiling the results. You’ll have to click play for that.

In the second, much longer, half of the episode, I got with one of my bosses, in Liam “I Talk At Great Lengths” O’Donnell. I’ve been trying to have Liam on since the inception of the podcast, so it’s nice to finally get him onboard, although with a potentially unsatisfying movie. For those who are unaware, the book version of Ready Player One has been out for a few years. It’s essentially a surface level homage to 80’s pop-culture and nerd redemption, wrapped inside of a video game. Before we went into the screening Liam and I discussed our feelings towards the book, which can summed up that we enjoyed it for what it is but have slew of complaints about it. We discussed what we hoped was captured in the film as well as what we hope that Spielberg might change. We both expected the film to leave the same impression that the book did, that we’d ultimately have a good time but have plenty to pick apart about it. Click play and find out how our journey into the Oasis went.


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