Hello, fine people from the interwebs! This newest edition of The Mandate is a first for me as I have not one but TWO guests on the episode. Returning is The Mandate OG and one half of the Cinepunx overlords, Mr. Joshua Alvarez and he brought with him, the JNCO Jesus himself, Bruce Park. For those who are unaware, Josh and Bruce-Step are members of the short-lived Philadelphia Hardcore band, Only Glory. For this outing, we checked out the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 blockbuster, Pacific Rim, in the cleverly titled Pacific Rim Uprising. Look these films aren’t meant to be smart. No one cares about the plot. This is all about giant mechs fighting giant monsters and the spectacle that comes with that. With that in mind, the original did it’s best to world build while keeping it simple, and that seems to be the issues that naysayers of fun have with Pacific Rim. Look, I get it. Charlie Hunnam is terrible in it, the whole needing two pilots is kind of wonky, and the weird stick fighting scene was completely unnecessary, however, we still got enough to push the story along and get to what we wanted. In Uprising, director Stephen S. DeKnight has the benefit of the world already being created. So, now, we just need some small plot to get to the battles. It’s another easy one, and it suffices. Charlie Hunnam is out and John Boyega is in to lead a band of misfit cadets into battle to save the world. Blah blah blah…giant battles and mass devastation of cities occur. You get the point.

The episode is as energetic as the movie, as Josh and Bruce are in rare form. To put it simple, this movie was fun and the episode reflects that. Click that play button and listen to three idiots turn into 8 year olds and talk about giant robots kicking some ass.

We return next week with a double episode with the new Wes Anderson claymation, Isle Of Dogs, and the much anticipated movie adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, directed by Stephen Spielberg. As always, like, follow, and share…because sharing is caring. If you have any comments, drop them below. We’d love to hear from you.

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