So it must be noted, I have seen this film twice since we recorded this episode and with each screening my thoughts on the film became more thought out and a bit deeper. However, the rules of The Mandate are these are the immediate post-screening thoughts when they are at their absolute rawest. With that, I’m sure you’ve read the title and know that you are pouncing into our Black Panther episode of The Mandate. Once again I’m joined by my friend, Brian Carola, who I’m not even bothering tagging at this point as we’ve seen every MCU film together since the first Avengers film, only excluding Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you’ve been playing along, this is the 18th film of the series and we’ve already gotten a taste of King T’challa and his Black Panther mantle in Captain America: Civil War but now we get to find out exactly what the character is all about and what exactly is Wakanda. This movie is special as it’s also the first film in the MCU series that has a black lead and a predominately black cast, including one of my film crushes in the beautiful Lupito Nyong’o. It also proved doubters wrong that a “black film” couldn’t translate and resonate with a global audience, because (spoiler alert) it’s absolutely crushing the box office and getting praise as one of the best MCU films in the entire bunch. But what did we, at The Mandate, think about it?


Brian and I spent the pre-screening portion talking about our relationship with the character, which unfortunately was pretty limited. Brian, boldly predicted or hoped for a Forrest Gump reference. Lastly, we discussed our expectations, that at this point, are always going to be high for a Marvel movie. For me, we have to go back to Ironman 2 & 3 to find a Marvel movie I didn’t really care for and they seem to just keep getting better and better. The ceiling seems limitless for them. Post-screening, well, you know the deal. Click play and you’ll find out how we felt about it less than 5 minutes after it concluded.



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