(Note: This episode was meant to be part of a multi screening episode but unfortunately most of the northeastern part of the states was hit with a “bomb cyclone” and weather cancelled the other screenings. So you can ignore the talk of the other parts as they never made it into this episode.)



I must apologize, it’s been far too long for me to have a new episode of The Mandate for you folks. Both life and weather got in the way but we’re back! Unfortunately, it’s with the latest trip into the further with Insidious: The Last Key. For those who are keeping score, this is the 4th film in the Insidious series but serves as the sequel to the prequel, making it the 2nd in the chronological order and digs deeper into the backstory of the Elise (Lin Shaye) character prior to her involvement in the original film. I find it kind of funny, or sad depending on your take, that they were even able to make this film after how abysmal the 3rd film was. My guest, Jon Martello of Philly based bands Dreamswell, Rockbottom (RIP), and Kochiyama(RIP), discuss in the pre-screening portion about how laughably bad and overall poor in quality the 3rd installment was. Since we both agreed that the first one was genuinely good, and that the 2nd one was decent enough sequel, we had some hope that the creators would have learned some sort of lesson after the last one and right the ship for the series conclusion. To spoil it, we were very wrong. Much like the 47 Meters Down episode, we can file this film under “We saw this, so you didn’t have to”. For those of you that do legitimately want to see this film in the theaters, free from spoilers, you should wait to listen to our thoughts as we spoil the entire thing in the 2nd half. However, I’d advise everyone to just avoid the film altogether and just listen to myself and Martello sum this up for you. You can thank us later.



Thanks for the patience and I promise to be back with another episode much quicker this time. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share because sharing is caring.

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