Two movies based on Stephen King novels in a row?! What are we doing here? Oh and dare I mention that original co-host of The Mandate, Josh Alvarez returned to grace us with his presence?! Needless to say this is a pretty special episode of The Mandate, well at least for me it is. I have my former compadre return and I get to sit down to watch and discuss a flick by my favorite author of all time. With that being said, I absolutely hated the fact that an IT remake even existed. Sure the original is a bit dated and missing some of the more grotesque elements of the book, but I, as well as quite a few others, still feel that it’s effective enough. Maybe it’s just because Tim Curry was so good as Pennywise but regardless, the original still holds some value to me and I wasn’t about to have it ruined with modernization. However, with the constant release of teasers, trailers, comic con extras, my interest grew in the film more and more each day. Not necessarily in the “I NEED TO SEE THIS!” type of way but there was a growing intrigue as if they could pull off what I thought was blasphemy. In the interest of making Horror Business host, Justin Lore, HAVE to listen, I won’t spoil the results here. Press play and listen to The Mandate, how it started, take a trip to the dreaded Derry, Maine and hear what we think of it.


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