Hello friends, and welcome to the Spring Semester of Got Me A Movie! Andrew and Elbee are hittin’ the books as they discuss two school-related films: 2006’s Art School Confidential and 2000’s Crime + Punishment In Suburbia.

First up is Art School Confidential, adapted from the work of underground comic artist Daniel Clowes. In this section of the show, the hosts talk about their experiences with Clowes’ art and comic books in general; Elbee brings up how she can’t really read comics very well, and Andrew speaks about his influences as an illustrator himself. Later, Elbee shares a brief history of cult beverage OK Soda (why? You’ll have to listen to find out!), and the two reminisce about “that ‘90s feeling.”

The second half of the show features Crime + Punishment In Suburbia, a film loosely based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s famous novel of nearly the same name. Elbee points out how the character and situational analogues don’t really work, but Andrew contends that they do indeed work well enough. Later, the pair get a tad philosophical with a discussion on criminal accountability.

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