Hello again, friends! On this episode of Got Me A Movie, we’re talking about a couple of our favorite tuff chicks: Tank Girl and Billie Jean Davy.

1995’s Tank Girl was meant to be a revelation. Based on Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett’s work for Deadline magazine (and beyond), this film was supposed to encapsulate all the snark, rebellion, and cheekiness that made the title character who she was, and that readers of the comic rallied around. It was supposed to be a larger-than-life, punk rock force to be reckoned with, and in some ways was successful in that. But as with any major studio endeavor, the filmmakers (director Rachel Talalay, along with Martin & Hewlett) were struck by limitations that no doubt watered down the spirit of the character and her world. So, we have a film that means well, that does the best with what it’s got, but lacks a sense of soul that won’t allow it to fully get there. It’s unfortunate that so much got lost in the translation from comic to film, because this really could have been something special. Still, despite the weaknesses, the cult status of Tank Girl remains, and there are some pretty cool things about it. Hear what we think those things are in the episode!

1985’s The Legend of Billie Jean, on the other hand, is a cult classic with so much staying power it hurts. This resonate tale about siblings on the lam tackles the issues of not only youth empowerment, but of how working class individuals are regarded and treated. Billie Jean is a symbolic, almost mythical character, who transcends class and gender in order to fight for what is right, and what is fair. The film can be a bit hokey at times (i.e., those Texan accents!), but for what it’s worth, this film absolutely sticks its landings. Tune in, and see why we think The Legend of Billie Jean should be required viewing for everyone!

So, please, click below and hear what we really think of these films (and these amazing characters). And, as always, thanks for listening!

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