Hello again, friends and fiends! On this episode of GOT ME A MOVIE, we’ll be talking about Alex Cox’s stylish feature debut, Repo Man…and Alex Cox’s flub of a sequel (remake?), Repo Chick.

Repo Man is often championed as a symbol of freedom, a quintessential representation of the spirit of Los Angeles punk rock in the early ‘80s. It’s a film that’s often hard to describe: is it a comedy? It has humor, but it’s strangely more serious than that. Is it science fiction? I mean, there are aliens…right? Is it a car movie? Not quite. But what’s definite about Repo Man is that it possesses a heart and some kind of soul, which comes through in its rough-and-tumble main characters.

Repo Chick, on the other hand, is a bit…different. Although the film shows genuine effort, it pales in comparison to Cox’s 1984 predecessor. The same anti-establishment punk values are there, and Cox plays around with the same sociopolitical themes, but there’s just something that doesn’t quite hit the mark. It seems to be a case of style over substance – except, even the style here isn’t too spectacular. Cox does pull some great performances out of his lead actors, though – without which, this movie would be an absolute dud.

Join us as we get into the nitty gritty on these two films – we’ll discuss the failures of Reaganism, the role of religion in government, Iggy Pop’s Sunset Boulevard efficiency apartment, and how cool it is when someone knows what you mean by “plate of shrimp.”



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