Hello again, friends! On this episode of Got Me A Movie, we’ll be talking about the 1996 cult favorite, Trainspotting, and its recently released sequel, T2: Trainspotting. The first film is one that both of us think of quite often, and quite fondly. There are always a few films that you are exposed to in your youth that resonate with you in such a profound way, and for the both of us, Trainspotting is a prime example of one that helped shape our perceptions of what is cool and interesting. In the episode you’ll hear how we both discovered the film, and what it really meant to us when we first saw it.

Aside from the obvious examination of what it’s like to be an addict, Trainspotting is a layered masterpiece of a film, revealing underlying themes of friendship, identity crisis, class struggle – and that’s just to name a few! Every viewing of the film unveils some new motive or purpose, and that’s precisely why we love it so much.  

We waited what seemed like forever for T2: Trainspotting to hit our south Texas theaters, finally being able to see it a full month after its American release date. We were understandably excited, given our histories with the first film, but you’ll hear in this episode how our opinions differ a bit as we review the sequel.

Please join us as we discuss things like “how adorable is Spud?!”, “why didn’t Diana have a bigger role in T2?”, and “is Begbie gay?” Click play, and as always, thanks for listening!


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