Hello friends, and welcome to the very first episode of Got Me A Movie!  Our names are Elbee and Andrew, and although we’re not new to podcasting, we are new to Cinepunx, and we’re awfully excited to be joining this very cool network. You may know us from our horror podcast, Vincent Price’s Laugh, and even though we love scary movies, we felt the need to expand. This show will cover a variety of films we think are worth experiencing. And for our first episode, we are discussing a film you probably already know, and one you possibly forgot: Arrival and Knowing.

I am admittedly not too keen on science fiction movies, but they are something that have always been welcomed in Andrew’s life. So, when films such as these come around that are thoughtful as well as exciting, they manage to tickle both our fancies at the same time.

We like these films because not only do they satisfy the need for a big, exhilarating sci-fi epic – not only do they have cool aliens – but they also offer stories that encompass the human condition. And that’s what keeps them grounded, so to speak. And, even further, they ask resonating questions about the nature of reality. From Arrival’s ‘linguistic relativity” to the “determinism versus randomness” argument in Knowing, these films challenge the viewer as well as entertain.

Please join us for an exploration of these two films, and forgive us if the content seems a bit dry or philosophy-heavy, but there really was just so much fascinating info to sift through! But, hey, even Roger Ebert gave Knowing a boring ol’ nerdy review.

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